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Veterinary Thermography

There are many reasons that make veterinary thermal imaging a highly useful and applicable service. We will outline the reasons as to why this service works wonders for keeping your furry (or non-furry) friend in the best possible health, whatever the species may be!

Vets can make great use of the incredibly powerful and accurate readings produced from a veterinary thermography service for animals of all shapes and sizes and to diagnose a range of different issues and ailments. Whether it is simply a quick assessment with a household or you are a farmer responsible for many different animals that require assessment, a thermal imaging camera speeds up all processes of diagnosis and planning for treatments.

Keep your furry friends safe

There are 4 main reasons which is why a veterinary thermal imaging survey is superior to other conventional methods. The first reason is that the use of a thermal imaging camera is non-invasive, this is so that the animal in question remains calm and is not subjected to behaviour that may cause them to become restless and potentially dangerous. The second reason is that it is non-contact and this means that physical contact with the animal is not required and can help to keep both the animal and the situation cool, calm and collected. Thirdly, by not having to have physical contact with the animal and being able to view the necessary parts of the animal’s body without interference also means that the animal does not require to be sedated in order to do so.

This is very helpful, particularly for animals that are a large size, as without having to be sedated, not only is it easier for the animal but also for the vets as well who do not need to try and move an unconscious and possibly very heavy patient. The final reason that makes veterinary thermography such a brilliant service is that because a thermal imaging camera is small and handheld the service is therefore mobile and doesn’t require for the animal to be brought to the vet themselves.

Protect pets with thermal imaging

If you are a horse owner who is requiring a horse thermography inspection this is excellent news. A trip to take a horse to the vets is no easy feat as you would have to get the horsebox, followed by trying to load the horse into the horsebox and then you have to go through the whole process of transporting the animal to the location. Think of all the time and hassle that is saved without having to go through these steps!

On a more industrial scale, for farmers who have many animals to care for, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything and if multiple animals require assessment this can be very time-consuming and costly. With complications that can occur during birthing season too it can lead to time being swallowed up that could be spent attending to other matters.

Protect and assist your best friend today by getting the answers you seek in a flash with veterinary thermal imaging.

Veterinary Thermography: Don’t let your friend suffer in silence

Veterinary Services, especially in regards to equine pets, can be hugely expensive and we know that vet bills are through the roof, so here at Direct Thermography, we decided to help out all the horses out there by helping out their owners! With our thermal imaging cameras, our specialist technicians are able to spot where and what your problem is in seconds.

What are the benefits of using thermal imaging cameras?

With thermography, you can see abnormalities present stressed tissue before there is damage visible to vets and additionally, whereas vets could only find problems with observation and palpation – the traditional methods – thermography is non-invasive and non-contact so the horse will not incur the stress it may do with a vet.

The techniques used in thermography have been developed over the last 25 years and work particularly well with: pre-purchase check overs, to spot any underlying problems; hoof balancing; saddle fit; joint inflammation and general diagnostics, for if you know there is something wrong but cannot put your finger on what.

Pre-purchase help

Past or present lameness issues are a big thing to consider when buying a horse, not to mention its general health now and in its past. If only they could talk, right? Well now they can! (Via our cameras) While vets may give you a general idea of what’s happened to this horse, thermal imaging can give more. Our cameras can tell you any hidden injuries and give you a literal picture of their health! Anything that is there will be seen, even things being masked by anti inflammatory drugs.

On the other hand, if you are selling your horse, an inspection could show the prospective buyers that there is really nothing wrong from an impartial source. Peace of mind for everyone!

Hoof Balance

If a hoof is not balanced correctly it can wreak havoc on the legs and the back. The images below are of a hoof with good balance (on the left) and a hoof with poor balance (on the right). This is an excellent example of how effective thermal imaging cameras are as you can see that the hoof under more pressure (on the right) shows it in the form of infrared radiation (heat). Within the hoof, early abscess detection is possible, helping to achieve pinpoint accuracy when draining. In early research studies of laminitis, thermography proved to be a valuable tool for early detection.

Saddle Fit

We all know that it is very important to ensure that the saddle fits properly when you go to buy a new one, and paramount to your horse’s health not to mention its attitude. Recently it has been shown that many “problem” horses have ill-fitting saddles or another underlying cause.

With our thermal imaging cameras we can see, and show you, where any pressure points are being unevenly distributed, causing discomfort all round. Additionally, issues like bridging, saddles which are too wide, or over or under flocked are all easily spotted with thermography. With a series of images before, during, and after exercise, you yourself can have a real view on whether that saddle is right for your horse.

What you may not be aware of is that most riders sit heavier on one side than the other which can affect how your horse moves although the effects are often subtle, commonly going unnoticed. If you wish to iron out your riding imperfections then infrared radiation imaging is the perfect way to find out faults and help you work on them through your training sessions.

Veterinary Services: If you can think it, we can do it!

Veterinary Services in regards to thermal imaging are almost limitless in their ability. While we offer the above services there are many more items we can help you with and as much as we’d love to write about them, it’d take us years! So should you want further information or wish to speak to someone in person about what we can do for you, then do not hesitate to call one of our friendly staff on 0800 088 6392.


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