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Breast Pathology

Breast-related illnesses are still very prevalent and issues like breast cancer can be identified early with medical thermal imaging in order to tackle it before it is allowed to grow.


Everyone gets aches and pains but if you are experiencing something more debilitating then it could well be time to have a medical thermography survey conducted.

Extra-Cranial Vessel Disease

There are many ailments and illnesses that can affect your head and day to day functions but you can get to the root of the problem with medical infrared imaging.

Lower Extremity Vessel Disease

If you have noticed a recurring issue with one or both of your legs it could be an issue developing as it grows into something worse, stop it in its tracks with medical thermography.


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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


Medical thermal imaging is a revelation in the way in which medical practitioners can make use of this fantastic FLIR technology to produce fast and accurate answers and results.

Whereas, sometimes people will require observations in the form of CAT scans and other similar procedures, a thermal imaging survey can help too! Sometimes depending on the equipment that is used it means that in order to get the answers to an extensive health issue, the doctors and patients have to wait for the readings.

However, with a thermal imaging medical diagnosis, you can see the inner workings of a human body in real-time, there and then. A thermogram is non invasive pain free way providing anatomical testing and results. With advanced medical science available nowadays, as a society, we have access to the knowledge of how certain organs and aspects of the human body function normally.

Therefore, when observing a patient through a medical thermography inspection it is easy for a doctor to be able to view these organs as they function and notice any irregularities that may have occurred. Medical thermography is that relevant it has been spoken about in the parliamentary review!

Prioritise health with medical thermography

By having the ability to get these answers quickly and easily, if anything is amiss or not as it should be, then the process of diagnosis and forward planning for treatment of this ailment is greatly sped up. This is literally the difference between life and death in some cases, so why not use this brilliant equipment to start saving people left, right and centre.

There are some instances where medical infrared imaging has been used to great success for certain assessments. An excellent example is the use of infrared thermal imaging for detecting breast cancer to maintain breast health. This works by scanning the surface temperature of the breast tissue to analyse for differences in temperature.

If there are heat signature anomalies found throughout the skin of the breast it can be an indicator of the early signs of breast cancer. Therefore, it shows the thermal imaging uses that make this great for medical purposes. Although everyone’s skin temperature could be slightly different, that is never a problem. The temperature of the room will not serve to affect the results of this. Our thermal imaging systems will easily differentiate how it can vary from person to person.

In this scenario, this can allow the doctor to prescribe the necessary treatments and medicine to be able to stop it dead in its tracks and resolve it before it is allowed to become a greater health threat. However, thermography is an adjunctive procedure and all interpretive findings must be clinically correlated which is why we refer it to medical doctors.

Medical thermography with impressive results

Despite that previous example, there are also many other facets to medical thermography that make such an invaluable tool in the healthcare industry. Infrared thermal imaging can detect issues that arise for muscular and skeletal aspects, nervous system irregularities, stroke screenings and chronic diseases too.

While we have spoken about the use of thermal imaging as an early detection tool for getting to problems before they are allowed to become worse, that doesn’t expend medical thermography’s usefulness there. What if the problem has already occurred, been dealt with and the patient is now in the rest and recuperation phase of their journey back to optimal health? Well, thermal imaging is just as useful then too!

For example, if a patient had undergone an operation and was coming to the end of their immediate recovery, it is common practice to assess the targeted area to ensure that the operation was successful. By viewing internally with a thermal imaging camera you can assess them and there’ll be no broken stitches or tears.

Medical thermal imaging from Direct Thermography that saves time, money and lives


The practice of thermal imaging medical diagnosis is to make use of the fantastic and precise results that a thermal imaging camera produces, when used by a trained and qualified thermal imaging specialist. Although it may seem somewhat unconventional, the use of thermal imaging across a range of different medical applications allows for quick and exact answers to a range of different issues and ailments.

The primary use that you could find thermal imaging being used for in a medical setting is as a non-intrusive method of breast assessment to identify any signs of breast cancer or any other issues that may have occurred.

Thermal imaging has many different applications and uses, even within the medicine and healthcare industries. It would be far too long for us to go through and list all of the different ways in which thermal imaging is used to ascertain the results that are required.

The reason why a thermal imaging camera is such an invaluable tool is due to the way that it operates. As a thermal imaging camera detects infrared radiation by scanning the area with a lens configured to register this it means that in order to conduct a survey, it can be done so without interruption, intrusion or any long delays either.  

Thermal imaging is conducted by scanning an item or area in order to learn the level of infrared radiation that is being produced at that given time. Infrared radiation refers to the level of heat that is being produced, by being able to physically see this as a physical and visual indication helps to identify any anomalies. When applied to the human body, it is the best way of determining an illness or ailment. The most prevalent use of thermal imaging in the medical profession is to be able to assess a patient’s breasts and determine any issues of breast cancer or otherwise.  

In short, it is possible, yes. However, this is also a question where the answer can be both yes and no. A thermal imaging camera will not directly be able to identify the presence of cancer in a patient. What a thermal imaging camera is capable of doing is creating a visual representation of the level of infrared radiation in any given setting. Due to this it cannot therefore directly diagnose cancerous cells.

However, if a patient does have cancer, the growth of the diseased cells could contribute to a shift in a person’s core body temperature or localised temperature to the area in question. This is how a thermal imaging camera can be so useful at noticing and becoming aware of potential breast cancer patients.

No, it cannot. Coronavirus is spread through close contact with someone who is already infected with the illness. Primarily it is spread through droplet transmission such as saliva or sweat, which would make scanning for coronavirus with a thermal imaging camera a futile effort.

However, one use that a thermal imaging camera can have for the identification of infected people and prevention of further transmission is by scanning people’s temperatures. If a person’s temperature is higher than would be consider normally healthy is a good indicator and suggestion that that person is, in fact, a carrier of Coronavirus. 


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