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Electrical Faults

Any electrical faults found on vehicles must be rectified in order to ensure safety. Breathe easy knowing safety is ensured with our car thermal imaging.

Non-Destructive Testing

You don't need to dismantle or damage any part of the vehicle you are wishing to have surveyed with our car thermal imaging survey service.

Protect Safety

Safety is paramount when in relation to cars and their safe operation. View all moving parts and functions safely with car thermal imaging.

Actively Test Vehicles

A car thermal imaging survey is the quickest and easiest way of assessing a car and is capable of being conducted while the vehicle is in operation


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As a part of the FM Solutions Group we have the ability to diagnose a thermal imaging issue and then offer services to fix any problems too.


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1. Thermal Imaging Survey

Accurate survey and assessment using our cutting edge FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

2. Detailed Report

Comprehensive reports detailing the findings from our thermographic surveys, pointing out issues.

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You can rest easy knowing any issues as well as our recommended solutions to fix them for good.

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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


Whether it is for automotive manufacturers or for mechanics, car thermal imaging from Direct Thermography has the ability to save time on ineffective and uncertain methods that don’t quite make the cut. You can easily learn the things that work well and correctly, but more importantly, the things that are not working and may require altering or fixing.

It is important not to confuse thermal vision cameras with a night vision system. Infrared cameras register infrared radiation and can do this even in total darkness. With Direct Thermography you get affordable thermal solutions, not to be confused with thermal night vision however. 

For automotive mechanics, a lot of time can be saved that can be better spent on more time-consuming or integral tasks where it would have previously been spent diagnosing these issues. Instead of spending ages trying to diagnose issues, you can find answers quickly with services such as our thermal imaging leak detection or heat loss surveys. These issues can include things such as faulty or worn brake calipers, components of the engine misfiring, problems with the wheels or axles or aspects of the vehicle’s heating capabilities. By utilising the informative report of a thermal imaging survey you can learn why the issue has occurred and you can even see at which point of the component in operation that the fault occurs. This is why more and more people have been utilising our fantastic thermography inspections.

When it comes to how automotive manufacturers can make use of our automotive thermography service, you can save great amounts of both time and money by using the fantastic infrared technology throughout the production process that our service uses. If, as a manufacturer, you wish to ensure quality control and adherence to health and safety requirements at certain integral points throughout the vehicle being built. A thermographic assessment can highlight anomalies when stress testing to ensure that the build quality and function of the components are correct.

The ability to detect heat has made thermal imaging technology become incorporated within ADAS and AV autonomous vehicles for the sensor technologies such as pathfindir ii that allows these vehicles to observe hazards in darkness.

Ensure vehicle safety with car thermography

The aspect that makes this service a real gem for manufacturers is that a thermal imaging survey in this scenario is a form of being able to test a vehicle, while in operation too, without the need to cause damage to the vehicle or any components. This is what is referred to as ‘NDT’ or non-destructive testing. Not only does this save great amounts of time as it doesn’t require that anything be dismantled or disassembled and without damage to the vehicle being tested it also saves money by not destroying the very product you are trying to create.

A point of importance that automotive manufacturers prioritise is their adherence to health and safety requirements for producing a vehicle for public sale. No one wants to buy a vehicle that is prone to breaking or becoming unnecessarily damage that may put you in danger, and no automotive manufacturer wants to be responsible for a car that doesn’t work as it should. So don’t leave yourself open to errors and faults by using our automotive thermography service.

Regardless of whether you fall under the category of manufacturer or mechanic, the information we have provided above shows that our automotive thermography service has many uses and applications for automotive purposes and can assist and protect against unnecessary errors or component failures.
Protect your brakes, wheels, axles, engines or any other aspect of a vehicle that involves moving parts with Direct Thermography so that you can speed up your service and provide fantastic results for yourself and your customers as well.



A thermal imaging, or FLIR, camera works by detecting the infrared radiation of a given object, person or animal based on the surface temperature. Due to this, and the fact that this practice is both non-contact and non-invasive it means that there are many applications and uses for this excellent technology.   

Thermal imaging cameras have a wide range of applications and uses across an array of different industries and professions. The fact that a thermal imaging camera is able to produce results without any contact or invasion means that you can get easy and accurate answers.

As well as this, it also allows for whatever it is that is being assessed to be in operation during the survey which can be far more insightful than other methods. The industries that we most frequently conduct surveys for are; aerospace, automotive, buildings, chemical, electrical, mechanical, medical, pest control and veterinary.

Within these industries are multiple different applications for the effective use of thermal imaging cameras and their fantastic infrared detection technology. 

Yes, a thermal imaging camera can indeed be used during the daytime and daylight hours. The reason for this is because a FLIR camera contains a special lens. What this lens does is that it focuses the heat given off of whatever it is that is being assessed onto a detector that is sensitive to heat. Therefore, a thermal imaging camera is not affected by light and produces equally brilliant results during the day as it would at night too. 

Once you are aware that you require a thermal imaging survey then it is time to either pick up the phone to give us a call or fill out the contact for that can be found on every page of this website. We will then arrange a time that is convenient for you to be able to come and provide a free quote for the cost of the service you require. If you have already received a quote from another company, inform us of this for us to beat their price.

Then it is time to get down to business, our thermal imaging survey specialists will conduct a thorough survey of whatever you require. Once we are satisfied that we have a comprehensive assessment of the given subject of the survey then we will process the data of this. We provide a report of the survey which outlines the findings of it and explains it in a way that can e understood and that will include the images from the survey too. 

A thermal imaging survey will vary in cost, depending on multiple factors. Our service is entirely mobile as we can transport our thermal imaging cameras to wherever they are needed. If you are very far away from on of our offices then this may factor into the cost of your survey. Typically, a thermal imaging survey will be based around a day rate. This is subject to change by factors such as; the selected service, the necessary equipment to complete the survey, the time taken to complete the survey or other factors that are also subject to change. 


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