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Electrical Faults

Electrical faults will be hidden away out of plain sight and can grow over time into being a far greater problem that it could have been. That is, unless you have our infrared thermography service.

Insulation Status

Our building thermal imaging will have complete access to view your insulation and can identify where any problems may have occurred or that deterioration may have happened too.

Finding Damp & Mould

As a thermal imaging camera works by displaying the heat generated from anything, this makes locating damp and mould simple as it will show up far colder than areas without damp.

Non-Destructive Testing

An infrared thermography survey is the quickest and easiest way of assessing a building and does not require that anything becomes dismantled or damaged.


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As a part of the FM Solutions Group we have the ability to diagnose a thermal imaging issue and then offer services to fix any problems too.


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1. Thermal Imaging Survey

Accurate survey and assessment using our cutting edge FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

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Comprehensive reports detailing the findings from our thermographic surveys, pointing out issues.

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You can rest easy knowing any issues as well as our recommended solutions to fix them for good.

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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


Our thermal imaging for buildings helps to put your mind at ease for all aspects of your building where heat, or the lack of, could play a big part in the building’s integrity. It also helps to identify issues that have possible repercussions to health and to your bank balance too. By being able to avoid potentially costly repairs, you’re saving money you would have had to spend otherwise. This service is not limited to any one type of building and provides invaluable insights into all buildings. We also offer it for both domestic buildings and commercial premises as everyone wants their home to be protected. As well as this, commercial thermal imaging for buildings surveys helps your business to be the best and most successful it can be.

There are many things that can occur to both the interior and exterior of a property that can cause far-reaching issues to the property itself and its occupants. A surprising amount of areas are within a property that you are unable to access or see yourself without potential risks to your own safety or by incurring possible damage to the building. But with a building thermal imaging survey from Direct Thermography, you will get the full rundown of your property’s overall health and the knowledge of certain things that may require repair or improvement.

By using thermal imaging you can assess the surface temperature and more to learn the thermal performance and energy efficiency of that structure. The air temperatures will be able to show where there is air leaking through thermal bridges and building envelopes. An excellent example of how we can put a stop to this with our application of a heat loss survey. Learn about your building fabric and how it is letting warm air escape through air leakage. You may also stumble across an unknown water leak that is causing damp and other problems with our thermal imaging leak detection service.

Thermal imaging for buildings is the key to a good foundation

An excellent example of just how much our thermography inspection for buildings service can help is if a property were to have incurred damp or even mould. As British weather is notoriously unpredictable and can have both cold snaps and surprising heat waves, this can put a strain on buildings across the whole country. Buildings that are near the coast may find that they are affected even greater by the elements, and therefore mould. Damp and mould will spread throughout a property once it has found a way in. However, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer from it. It can have a great effect on aspects such as flooring, walls and attics. Avoid the expense of having to replace a whole floor or throw away prized possessions you thought were safely stored away. This is something made possible with our thermal imaging for buildings.

If you were interested to have a building thermal imaging survey conducted for commercial premises then this is also where Direct Thermography can come riding in to save the day. For any commercially used building, there are many health and safety regulations that are required to be met before customers are allowed anywhere near. You can ensure that your customers are warm, comfortable and without risk to you or to themselves.

One thing that both domestic and commercial buildings, in fact, all buildings share with one another, is a roof. Now unless you have designated access to get up and onto that roof then it can be a precarious place to attempt to get to yourself. With a thermal imaging camera, you don’t even need to go onto a roof as our precise readings will show any areas of that roof that have become damaged, all while safely on the ground!

Get the full scoop on your building and just how good of a shape it is in with this fantastic building thermal imaging service.


A building thermal imaging assessment has the ability to analyse a property, and as a result of this identify and highlight any areas where there can be improvements or problems that require resolving. This could be a whole range of different things from insulation to electricals and circuit boards or even plumbing and potential water leaks also.

By utilising the fantastic and insightful technology of an infrared thermal imaging camera, not only does it allow for fast results but can also do so without intrusion or damage as it is a prime example of non-destructive testing which can be conducted without the need to make contact with anything.

When assessing a building to ascertain the status of its insulation and overall performance towards sustainability, there are certain factors that can contribute to gaining a more precise and exact measured reading. It is best to conduct a building thermal imaging survey in the winter at a time when heating systems are in operation and there is a greater divide between internal and external temperature.

Another factor of getting proper results is to undertake building thermal imaging at night or before sunrise. This allows us to get results that are not affected by the solar gain that would occur during the day.

In order to get the proper results, there are things that you can do as the customer to ensure this. It makes our job more exact and gives you the best possible results too. Once your building thermal imaging survey is booked in, on the day or night before the survey, keeping all windows, doors or other exits closed for as long as possible will help greatly so as not to distort the reading.

By also setting the heating so that there is a 10-degree difference between the inside of the property and outside, this will help highlight any areas that are lacking and require improvement.

No, this service is for everyone and can be applied to both residential properties and commercial properties alike with the greatest of ease. Our trained and qualified thermal imaging experts are ready and waiting to get to work and be able to give you insightful and helpful knowledge about your business or home in order to make it even better than it already is.

Although it is likely that commercial properties will be far larger than a house and have more aspects to them, therefore taking more time to assess, the results we provide are just as in-depth.

Yes, we always provide a detailed rundown regarding the survey we have conducted and the findings that we have made. A building thermal imaging survey will require assessing the property from many different angles and could lead to multiple discoveries that are regarding different aspects.

It is for this reason why we will include thermal imaging images in our report which show the findings of the survey including a description to inform you of what the image displays and any recommendations that we have for the fixing or improving of this.  


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