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A thermal imaging survey doesn't require contact being made with the item that is being assessed, this means that we can conduct a thermal imaging survey without interruption or disturbance.


Due to a thermal imaging camera being extremely precise and accurate, it does not require anything to be dismantled or inserted. This works wonders for its medical and veterinary applications.


A thermal imaging survey is easily conducted whatever the location as it is small in size and can be held in one hand. Now you can view even the most hidden areas of properties and machinery.

No Sedation

As the technician operating the thermal imaging camera doesn't need to be nearby to the patient, you can view the inner workings of their body without interference to them.


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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


A thermal imaging camera, or infrared/IR camera, is a handheld camera device with a visual display. The thermographic camera detects and measures the level of infrared radiation that is emanating from objects. It does this by converting the thermal energy into visible light on the built-in display screen. This is so that it can then be analysed and interpreted.

The display that is built into the device will be used to convey the layout of the radiation and uses colour to point out the locations of heat anomalies. The image that is produced on the screen of a thermal imaging camera is called a thermogram. The process of interpreting the image is what is known as thermography.
If an area that should not be hot appears on the display as a deep red then it is in fact hot and suggests that something is wrong. Similarly, if something registers as blue on the visual display then this indicates a complete lack of heat and also highlights where a potential issue may have occurred. Water is something that would likely appear as a blue hue, unless it has been heated, which can be diagnosed with our thermal imaging leak detection service. By sorting these issues at the earliest possible stage and any potential defects, it prevents from becoming a worse scenario.

A thermal imaging camera is very precise and will be able to pinpoint the exact location of where there is heat. As well as this it shows where there should be heat and is not. Therefore, this shows that there are many uses for this fantastic technology and brilliant service.

Get the answers you need with thermal imaging surveys

You may find yourself very surprised as we now go through some of the uses for a thermal imaging survey and just how many applications the service of thermography inspections has.

One obvious way that thermal imaging surveys are of use is for heat loss surveys of residential and commercial properties. By reporting structures for building thermography based upon their surface temperatures and beyond, allows us to see where problems have occurred. Through our high specifications we ensure you can get it resolved without having to pick up the phone and ring insurance companies. As well as this, a thermal imaging survey will be able to easily and quickly ascertain any issues with central heating or other heating within a property, such as our thermal imaging camera for underfloor heating service.

Otherwise, there are multiple different industries that can benefit and save time and money with the accurate results of a thermal imaging survey. The automotive industry, especially the mechanical side of things, is benefitted greatly from our thermographic service. Instead of having to strip a vehicle of parts in order to find the root of the problem that is trying to be resolved, a thermographic survey will highlight the problem without having to extensively search for it.

We provide fast and accurate thermal imaging surveys

This is very similar also to medical applications for infrared technology. The time that is saved on inaccurate guesswork or misdiagnosis not only means that someone can receive treatment for the correct ailment sooner but it could also be the difference between life and death! It is the same for its use for veterinary purposes. Everyone wants the best for their pet and if something is wrong with that pet then you want it resolved with speed. With thermography, that is a reality and your furry friend can be on the mend in a flash.

After all of these fantastic applications we have listed and the many services that we offer for conducting thermal imaging surveys you can find out today just how much thermography can help you so don’t delay and contact us today.


Thermal imaging is the practice of assessing and investigating the infrared radiation levels of a given object, patient or environment. Infrared radiation is the amount of heat energy that is given off, or emitted, and by surveying with a thermal imaging camera it allows you to understand where any anomalies may have occurred and whether this is something that could be dangerous and need rectifying or not. By using the fantastic FLIR technology of a thermal imaging camera we can provide our customers with the best results in the quickest time for any homes and with lots of applications across a wide range of industries. 

A thermal imaging survey is the best way of understanding your environment and the many different aspects of that setting that can be subject to heat related change. This service can be applied to specific objects, to humans and animals alike, and to an area in general also. The industries that can benefit from a thermal imaging survey are extensive. One of the things that makes a thermal imaging survey so effective is that it is a form of non-destructive testing. This means that whatever it is that you are assessing, it can be done whilst the given subject is in operation, therefore allowing for a more comprehensive result of the survey.

A thermal imaging camera, or FLIR camera as it is also known, is a purpose-built camera device that features an in-built screen and an infrared sensor that records different levels of infrared light . This isn’t something that you would be able to physically see without a thermal imaging camera. Once the infrared light passes through the lens it is configured by a component called a microbolometer so that it can be displayed as the relevant colour indicating its level of heat being emitted.

No, thermal imaging is not dangerous. There is no risk of exposure to harmful radiation or anything similar as all that a thermal imaging camera is doing is displaying the infrared radiation that is already present. In terms of methods of surveying, thermal imaging is actually one of the safest, and easiest ways to assess and conduct a survey. A thermal imaging survey allows for non-destructive testing. This means that you do not have to disassemble or damage anything during the testing process and that whatever is being assessed can be done whilst it is in operation, giving a clearer, more concise answer.

Yes and no. The reason why it is both is due to the fact that the infrared sensor in a themal imaging camera will not register water in the same way that the human eye does. Therefore, while water appears transparent to us due to the way that the water reflects light so that we can see things that are in water, to a thermal imaging camera a body of water would appear as an opaque block. The only time that an FLIR camera can detect differences within water are through temperature differences being registered and displayed.

A thermal imaging camera, or FLIR camera as it is also known, isn’t dissimilar to how a normal, standard camera works. However, there are some slight differences between them and that is what allows a thermal imaging camera to detect infrared radiation. Contained within a thermal imaging camera is a sensor that is capable of registering infrared radiation and compiling it as a colour spectrum based image on the display screen. This is how a thermal imaging camera works and how we utilise this to provide fantastic results.


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