To get thermal imaging leak detection, it has never been as easy as it is through Direct Thermography, a shining jewel in the FM Solutions Group crown. Innovative FLIR technology works wonders for thermal imaging for water leak detection .


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If you have noticed an excessive amount of water in an area of a property then that suggests a leak. Luckily we can find it quickly, so you can put a stop to it and it can't get worse.

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An increase in damp and also possibly mould suggests issues with plumbing or with the actual structure of a property. You can protect your health and premises with thermal imaging leak detection.

Don't Pour Money Down The Drain

When there is a leak present, not only is any water that is escaping costing you valuable money but it may also be further damaging other aspects of your property.

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Although our service isn't free, it is the best price available on the market and will give you substantial savings in comparison to what you may lose to a devastating leak.


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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


Our thermal imaging leak detection service can show you the areas of your property that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise and will give you quick and simple answers regarding your possible leak and where it has started within the premises.

A thermal imaging camera will not specifically identify water. Instead, a thermal imaging survey measures the impact that water has toward the surface temperature surrounding the leak due to the evaporation process. Water will usually be colder than the residual heat in the area that it is located in the property. That is unless the water has been heated by a boiler system. In this case it is likely that it will be warmer than the area that thermal imaging leak detection has located that there is a problem. By observing the heat patterns that are present gives you the most accurate answers possible. The thermal sensitivity that contributes towards the room temperature that gives us our answers. This is why our heat loss surveys are so effective.

If there has been a leak detected then it will have contributed to a spread of damp. This will make identifying the location of the problem with thermal imaging leak detection even easier. Therefore, it is a godsend for securing your property against damp problems. Without this service they have the ability to lead to mould and possible structural and health issues.

By using infrared cameras you can view the surface temperature and the room temperature, as well as any hot water pipes which will shine brightly. If the leak has spread then you can easily find hidden water with infrared imaging. The thermal sensitivity of the area will be dictated by heat patterns. Whereas leak detectors or moisture meters could be incorrect, you’re guaranteed the right answers with Direct Thermography.

Identify those pesky leaks quickly with Direct Thermography

As pipes will run throughout the walls and floors of premises, it is possible for you to have developed a leak without having realised it. Due to its location not being immediately visible, other methods simply won’t work. It can make finding the hidden water leak and its origin, a veritable nightmare without our thermal imaging leak detection service. However, a hot water pipe will shine like a beacon making it easy to be found with thermography inspections.

By having a visual inspection that uses thermal imaging conducted, you get answers swiftly. It will quickly highlight the leak and the extent to how much this has spread and affected the property. Not only this, but it will also allow you an insight into the areas of your house that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise. An excellent example of this would our thermal imaging camera for underfloor heating service. These are places such as the inside of cavity walls or crawl spaces. Learn about your property and how to fix your leak problem today.

You might also have found that there is an opening or break somewhere in the outer walls or roof of your property. It is this that has allowed residual rainwater to collect and cause damage to the structure of the premises. But with a infrared camera for water leak detection survey, this will also be brought to light so that no stone is left unturned. Therefore, you can be assured that your property has been protected against any further water-based problems.

Leak detection has never been easier than with thermal imaging

We cannot stress enough just how vital this infrared imaging leak detection service is at keeping your house in the best condition it can be. Unfortunately, issues with moisture and water in a building can be particularly hard to detect as there may not be any signs until water starts coming through walls and ceilings that is!

Don’t let a tidal wave sweep away your prized possessions and cause damage to your personal and valuable property by stopping the leak in its tracks with a thermal imaging leak detection survey that will give you the answers you seek and more.


A thermal imaging camera is so precise and exact that it can show you the presence of a water leak, even if it can’t physically be seen otherwise. When a water leak happens, the water pouring out of the breakage will be a different temperature to its new surroundings. Without the water having been heated, the building itself or things within the building will be warmer than the water and will show as a different colour on the thermal imaging camera display. Due to this, a thermal imaging camera will easily identify the leak so that you can plug it up and get to work resolving the water damage.

Yes, you can! We recognise that all across the UK people will need access to our fantastic range of thermal imaging services. It is for precisely this reason why we operate across England, Scotland & Wales, so that when you are stuck for what to do and need quick and effective results fast, you can get them with Direct Thermography. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, our thermal imaging specialists get you the answers you require in a flash! Don’t settle for being left in the dark, shed some light on the situation with our thermal imaging leak detection near me solutions.

That can depend entirely on the scenario in which you require our service. Our price for thermal imaging leak detection is the most competitive on the market as we love nothing more than providing our top-notch service for customers who can’t stop smiling about the price. If a leak has badly affected your premises then it could be that the cost of the service is covered by your insurance policy. A lot of policies include a “Trace & Access” section which covers the cost of identification, locating and accessing the issue. It is likely that it will not cover the cost of repair but this will be a minor cost to the remainder of the process.

Our speciality is the use of thermal imaging cameras in order to successfully identify and locate any and all water leak issues that have caused problems in your premises. Due to this, we do not necessarily possess the correct equipment or knowledge in order to be able to facilitate the drying of your property. This is something that will require a certificate of dryness once it has been rectified to indicate that the task has been fully completed. Although we may not be able to directly help, our sister companies may so find out just how much we can do for you.

This is not something that we can give an exact answer for, unfortunately. It is much like the old saying, “how long is a piece of string” until we arrive at the location we won’t be able to forecast a precise time that it will take. As leak detection could have us searching here, there and everywhere for the source of your watery dismay it could take up to a day. However, we also find that through the use of thermal imaging cameras that we are able to find leaks easily and quicker than with the use of other equipment and methods.

Of course a thermal imaging camera can detect water leaks, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to offer this service!


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