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A thermal imaging home inspection is the best way to assess your home and check many aspects with this fantastic technology.

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Finding Damp

Damp is something that can take hold all throughout a property, but in a way that you may not be able to even see it. A thermal imaging home inspection will find any damp hiding in your home.

Leak Detection

It is possible for a leak to have sprung that you may not be aware of. With our thermal imaging house inspection you'll know about any leaks right away, so you can get them plugged up.

Insulation Inspection

Insulation by it's very nature, won't be easily viewed and will be located within walls and attics. See through to your insulation and have any weak points highlighted for you.

Structural Assurance

As it is exposed to the elements, your roof will slowly deteriorate over time. But as it is hard to access and potentially dangerous too, you won't know without a thermal imaging home inspection.


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1. Thermal Imaging Survey

Accurate survey and assessment using our cutting edge FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

2. Detailed Report

Comprehensive reports detailing the findings from our thermographic surveys, pointing out issues.

3. Peace Of Mind

You can rest easy knowing any issues as well as our recommended solutions to fix them for good.

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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


Our thermal imaging home inspection is the difference between settling for how competent your home is now for retaining heat or how good it could be once we have completed a survey. Make improvements based upon the assessment of weak points throughout the property highlighted by our thermal imaging home inspection.
This service is applicable for all domestic properties and will be able to show you the specific and most likely areas for heat loss based on the type of property. Flats, terraced houses and detached houses will all have different areas where heat loss occurs more prevalently than others.

There are four main ways that heat loss occurs and these are convection heat loss, conduction heat loss, radiation heat loss and evaporation heat loss. Convection heat loss is where heat transfers from the building into the ground. Conduction heat loss is where seasonal changes to temperature and weather affect the level at which heat loss occurs. Radiation heat loss is the heat that is lost into the open air. Evaporation heat loss will occur when there is surface water on the property and the heat transfer into the water which evaporates and causes the heat to dissipate. Therefore, this shows the important and pressing need for our heat loss survey service.

As well as all of these ways, you could also suffer damage to your property through unwanted broken pipes or leaks, but we can put a stop to this inconvenience with our thermal imaging leak detection.

One thing that will be evident from the results of our thermal imaging surveys is how each type of property is unique in the ways that they suffer heat loss and the different forms of heat loss that are most prevalent in each kind of property. However, all properties are capable of experiencing air leakage through building envelopes where it is allowed to escape. This will cause any electrical systems to have to work harder and will decrease energy efficiency while raising energy costs. You would not be able to see this occurring with the naked eye which is why there is a need for thermographic inspections. Conducting a thermography inspection with a infrared camera lets you see the air leaking in real time. 

A flat will not suffer much or any convection heat loss, unless it is a ground floor flat, as it is not directly connected to the ground. However, it will suffer from radiation heat loss incurred through the outside wall of the flat.

A terraced house is most likely to suffer a combination of convection and radiation heat loss as there are buildings on either side it is quite protected in this sense. This is why if there is heat loss in a terraced house it will typically be from it entering into the ground and being lost that way, or else through the roof.

A detached house is the domestic property type that is most likely to suffer from heat loss and is also the most likely to suffer from a combination of different forms of heat loss. Unlike a terraced property that has other houses on either side of it, or a flat that is potentially surrounded on all sides by other heat sources, a detached house has no protection from other properties and is most exposed to the elements.
This is why a thermal imaging home inspection can improve your home and save you money in the long run too. You can see exactly how well your home is performing for keeping the heat in that you pay hard-earned money on household energy bills for.

Protect your home and your bank balance with our thermal imaging home inspection service that will show you the weak points so you can have them sealed up and keeping the heat in once again.


A thermal imaging home inspection is extremely enlightening about the overall status of your home and what makes it the warm and inviting place that it is. By being able to view your environment through the lens of a thermal imaging camera it can show you things that you wouldn’t be aware of otherwise and it can highlight issues that may be arising so you can stop it before it becomes a problem. Learn more about your insulation, electrics and electricals and even possible water leaks that may have occurred with this fantastic service that puts you in the know.

A thermal imaging house inspection can definitely help with an electrical problem within your home. If there has been a problem with certain things not working or becoming potentially dangerous then this service will highlight the extent of the problem and also where the issue has originated from. Typically, the issue will likely be traceable back to the fuse box in your house, from where the problem has begun. However, if there is an issue with different levels of electricity being routed throughout the property then this service will show all of the areas that are in need of repair.

We have ensured that anyone who is either needing or simply wanting a home thermal imaging survey that it can be accessed by making it available across England, Scotland and Wales. This is especially important if you live somewhere quite far removed and remote as it could take a while for you to be able to get an assessment done ad the last thing that you would want is to have to wait even longer to get the results back. Thankfully, with a thermal imaging home survey we are able to provide fast results and with a detailed report so you understand what the score is too.

When conducting an overall inspection of your property there are certain conditions that are optimal in order to get the best, most accurate results achievable. The reason for this is that in order to properly understand the status of your home’s insulation there are conditions that are best suited. We conduct the surveys in the winter so that there is a significant difference between the internal and external temperatures. This is also further bolstered by setting the heating in your home to a 10 degree difference to the forecasted temperature for the day previous to the inspection. As well as this, undertaking the survey during the night or before sunrise cuts out the chance of solar gain distorting the results. Using these steps allows us to give you the most truthful and accurate reading of your property.

We always include a report after a thermal imaging house inspection. Not only will this report be in-depth and detailed so you can be assured that we have left no stone unturned, we will also explain everything in a way that you are both able to see for yourself and understand it all too.


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