With a thermal imaging camera for underfloor heating, you gain an insight into the inner workings of this system from our fully qualified professionals.


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4 reasons for all seasons

Cold Spots

When certain areas of your floor are feeling colder than others, this suggests a localised issue that can be diagnosed with a thermal imaging camera for underfloor heating.

Hot Spots

Similarly as with discovering cold spots, if you have found a hot spot then it is very likely that a fault has occurred that will require rectifying.

Excess Energy Usage

If you have noticed more energy being used than usual usage and believe it to be the underfloor heating causing it then that is why you need a thermal imaging camera for underfloor heating service.

Water Leaks

A burst pipe or water leak can wreak havoc over your underfloor heating and cause substantial damage too. Protect your heated floor today.


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1. Thermal Imaging Survey

Accurate survey and assessment using our cutting edge FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

2. Detailed Report

Comprehensive reports detailing the findings from our thermographic surveys, pointing out issues.

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You can rest easy knowing any issues as well as our recommended solutions to fix them for good.


We’re not surprised that if you have experienced issues and problems with your underfloor heating that you may feel slightly dismayed and lost as to where to turn to identify and diagnose the problem before you then go about having it fixed. Thankfully, you don’t have to look any further as with our thermal imaging for underfloor heating service, that is carried out by highly-trained thermography specialists, can pinpoint where the problem is located so that you can prioritise having it fixed instead of searching for it in the first place. This is what our thermography inspection service does for you!

As a thermal imaging camera works by analysing the infrared radiation of an area, it can see through your flooring to the pipework of the underfloor heating system itself. These hot water pipes will likely appear quite vividly as they will be warm from transporting heat throughout the floor. However, in contrast to this, one of the ways that our thermal imaging leak detection service is so successful is due to identifying escaped water which would display as cool and blue on the display. Due to this, anywhere that there is an issue with something not working correctly should be easy to identify as it will not appear in the same colour as the remainder of the system. Once you have the knowledge of what it is that has gone wrong then you are able to get maintenance and repairs that is tailored to the specific problem and doesn’t have you spending money unnecessarily.

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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


Do you have underfloor heating or are considering getting underfloor heating? Well, our thermal imaging can be your handy little helper for getting the complete information on floor heating systems, its operational health and issues that may have occurred.

Underfloor heating by its very nature is not something that you are able to see. That is, unless you are happy to spend time and money on pulling up your flooring in order to sneak a peek. But why go to all that trouble when Direct Thermography is only ever a phone call or email away. Our thermography specialists can be on the scene and able to give you all the necessary answers without any of the hassle of having to remove the flooring and cause mess and disruption to your day-to-day life.

Our thermal imaging survey service isn’t only useful to people who already have underfloor heating and wish to have it checked. It can actually play an integral part in the process of underfloor heating installation. Many underfloor heating systems will use hydronic or liquid-based systems. However, a lot of underfloor heating systems will use an electrical heating element to transfer heat throughout the system. Once the system is installed these electric heating elements can be exceptionally difficult to locate. But not with a heat loss survey! Once under the all-seeing lens of a thermal imaging camera, the electrical heating elements will shine bright like a beacon, you’ll never have to guess again.

That is not to say though, that just because it works wonders at seeking out an electrical heating element, it also shines a spotlight on the performance and working order of hydronic and liquid-based systems too. If a leak has sprung from anywhere within the system, the water that is leaking from it will be cold without a properly functioning system to heat it. A thermographic camera isn’t just for heat anomalies and will display where the leak and problem has originated from.

This is an especially crucial service for rectifying the problem if your property has experienced a flood. Any excess or latent water that has found its way underneath your floor during the flood will sit and cause further problems with damp and moisture, as well as deteriorating the flooring it is under. With a heated floor survey, you can locate the water and it may mean that you don’t have to remove the entire flooring in order to fix the issue.

Another instance where this service can be your saviour is if you decide to replace your existing flooring with something new, fresh and exciting. A disadvantage of this is that a new flooring could have different fixings to the previous material. If this is the case then it is possible that as a part of the install that the fixings of the new flooring could damage the underfloor heating system.

Don’t be afraid to pull the rug out from under yourself without physically having to pull or lift anything with a heated floor survey for Direct Thermography.


A thermal imaging, or FLIR, camera works by detecting the infrared radiation of a given object, person or animal based on the surface temperature. Due to this, and the fact that this practice is both non-contact and non-invasive it means that there are many applications and uses for this excellent technology.   

Thermal imaging cameras have a wide range of applications and uses across an array of different industries and professions. The fact that a thermal imaging camera is able to produce results without any contact or invasion means that you can get easy and accurate answers.

As well as this, it also allows for whatever it is that is being assessed to be in operation during the survey which can be far more insightful than other methods. The industries that we most frequently conduct surveys for are; aerospace, automotive, buildings, chemical, electrical, mechanical, medical, pest control and veterinary.

Within these industries are multiple different applications for the effective use of thermal imaging cameras and their fantastic infrared detection technology. 

Yes, a thermal imaging camera can indeed be used during the daytime and daylight hours. The reason for this is because a FLIR camera contains a special lens. What this lens does is that it focuses the heat given off of whatever it is that is being assessed onto a detector that is sensitive to heat. Therefore, a thermal imaging camera is not affected by light and produces equally brilliant results during the day as it would at night too. 

Once you are aware that you require a thermal imaging survey then it is time to either pick up the phone to give us a call or fill out the contact for that can be found on every page of this website. We will then arrange a time that is convenient for you to be able to come and provide a free quote for the cost of the service you require. If you have already received a quote from another company, inform us of this for us to beat their price.

Then it is time to get down to business, our thermal imaging survey specialists will conduct a thorough survey of whatever you require. Once we are satisfied that we have a comprehensive assessment of the given subject of the survey then we will process the data of this. We provide a report of the survey which outlines the findings of it and explains it in a way that can e understood and that will include the images from the survey too. 

A thermal imaging survey will vary in cost, depending on multiple factors. Our service is entirely mobile as we can transport our thermal imaging cameras to wherever they are needed. If you are very far away from on of our offices then this may factor into the cost of your survey. Typically, a thermal imaging survey will be based around a day rate. This is subject to change by factors such as; the selected service, the necessary equipment to complete the survey, the time taken to complete the survey or other factors that are also subject to change. 

Technically, both yes and no. While a thermal imaging camera won’t be able to see straight through solid floor as if it were a superpower, it will register sources of heat found under the ground. This doesn’t mean you’ll be able to see the Earth’s core with one, you can definitely see every part of a underfloor heating system that is subject to heat. You can precisely pinpoint any anomalies or errors that have occurred as well as showing all parts that are operating correctly. It is for these reasons why we offer our thermal imaging for underfloor heating service for anyone who is keen to learn about their system’s health without ripping up floorboards. 


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