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4 reasons for all seasons

Damp Detection

During the course of a survey we may find evidence of damp or even possible leaks that are contributing towards overall heat loss.

Insulation Issues

Heat loss surveys will highlight any areas of a property where the insulation has deteriorated and is not performing the task it is meant to.

Structural Problems

If a property has structural issues then it is certainly suffering heat loss as a result of this. Our surveys can find structural issues in areas you couldn't see otherwise.

Investment Assurance

When buying a property you want to know that you are getting your money's worth. With one of our surveys you can have a comprehensive assessment of your potential property.


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As a part of the FM Solutions Group we have the ability to diagnose a thermal imaging issue and then offer services to fix any problems too.


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1. Thermal Imaging Survey

Accurate survey and assessment using our cutting edge FLIR thermal imaging cameras.

2. Detailed Report

Comprehensive reports detailing the findings from our thermographic surveys, pointing out issues.

3. Peace Of Mind

You can rest easy knowing any issues as well as our recommended solutions to fix them for good.


Well the reason for why we conduct a thermal heat loss survey is simple. We have exactly the equipment to make providing the best and most accurate results a breeze. You can sit back and enjoy not feeling agitated or hot under the collar. Whether it is for your own home or for your business, it is a godsend. A heat loss survey will show you any weak spots in your property’s armour so that you can resolve it quickly.

Don’t get left out in the cold without a thermal imaging heat loss survey

Similarly, you will be able to see any areas where the wall insulation or other means of heat loss prevention have performed well and have not suffered from deterioration or failure. This is also the same for loft insulation as well and can be easily assessed. By doing this we can highlight any possible thermal bridges and ensure the heat stays in the inside. Put an end to thermal bridging. We love nothing more than being able to provide the much-needed answers our clients are seeking. It can be hard to know what to do when confronted with something that you cannot readily access but need to ascertain the health or operation of.

With thermal imaging we are able to give you those answers quickly and easily and without even having to make physical contact with the thing in question. Learn about your property today and delve into heat loss and heat loss prevention so that you can make your home or business even better than it already is.

Get Solutions For Any Issues Our Thermal Imaging Services Find

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We have provided this video that outlines the inner workings of a thermal imaging camera, and how it uses infrared technology to produce thermographic imagery.

You can also tap the button to learn all about how thermal imaging works to identify all kinds of issues.


A heat loss survey is an eye-opener into the overall health of your property and will let you know just how energy efficient the building itself actually is. This thorough survey will analyse all aspects of the building to ascertain its strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to the conservation of heat and where you can resolve and improve any weak points, it pays to be thorough. Protect your home or business with a comprehensive thermal imaging survey from Direct Thermography.

The way that heat loss is viewed in reference to a building is to measure the level of heat that is allowed to transfer through the fabric of a building from within to the outside. Using a thermal imaging camera, or infrared camera as it is also known allows us to see the temperature range as if it was clear as day.

There are four ways of classifying heat loss and the way in which it is able to occur and these are; convection, conduction, radiation and evaporation. Any one of these four pathways for heat loss to occur can be the reason why your property is not as energy efficient as it could be. In a worst-case scenario, it could be a combination of these.

Learn about the different types of heat loss

Convection heat loss in reference to a building would refer to when it occurs from heat transferring from the building into the ground and dispersing. Conduction heat loss is affected by seasonal changes to weather and temperature, therefore it will occur more severely in winter when it is colder.

Radiation heat loss refers to heat loss from the building into the open air. Finally, evaporation heat loss is when heat will transfer into contact water on the property after it has rained and the heat transfer causes the water to evaporate and dissipate the heat.

A different way that you could suffer heat loss would be through a burst pipe and water spreading and making the property cold and damp. Luckily, this can be resolved with thermal imaging leak detection from us. If you have underfloor heating and have experienced a breakage then this would also contribute towards heat loss, which is why we have our thermal imaging camera for underfloor heating

If you were considering a survey for a domestic property there are some useful facts. These will highlight why this service can help you to save money and improve the quality of your property. A terraced house is far more likely to suffer from convection and radiation loss of heat. This is because it is more likely that heat will escape through the roof and into the ground.

In comparison, if a survey were to be conducted on a flat, it would show that heat primarily escapes from the outside wall of the flat. For a detached house, it is more likely to be exposed to greater levels of heat loss and combinations of more than one form.

Get protected with a thermography inspection 

Studies have shown the statistics from domestic properties. These have found the levels most common for each form of heat loss and certain areas of properties where it occurs the worst. Heat loss through a building’s roof can account for 25% of the property’s overall loss of heat and prevalent for cold spots too. Up to 35% of overall heat loss can occur through outside walls, this statistic is particularly relevant for detached homeowners.

It has been found that 25% is accounted for through windows and doors. However, by having double glazing, when these windows and doors are closed they are still able to retain heat well. Finally, a further 15% is lost to it spreading from the building into the ground.

Thankfully, all of these issues surrounding the potential loss of heat from your property can be addressed and altered. Achieve this by having it brought to light with a heat loss survey from Direct Thermography.


A heat loss survey analyses your property to ascertain any areas that have become weakened and are now contributing to a loss of heat costing you in energy bills and heartache. In the process of surveying the premises it will allow our thermal imaging experts to find aspects that have become weakened and ineffective. Any heat loss could be due to insulation that has shifted or deteriorated.

However, in the process of conducting a heat loss survey it could well uncover problems that have contributed to heat loss that you were unaware of. This could be an error in the circuit board causing an overload, or a water leak that is saturating the building. 

There is no definitive answer as to how much our heat loss survey costs. This is because each property is unique, with differing aspects and features, that means that each survey we conduct is unique. Similarly, as we provide this service for both domestic properties as well as commercial properties it can become impossible to offer a set price without knowing the scale of the property.

However, our price is the most competitive price on the market, and just in case you are offered a cheaper quote elsewhere we have our best price promise to beat that too. That way you get an amazing price and all of our excellent benefits as well.

We can conduct a heat loss survey for you if you are anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales. Due to the portable nature of our thermal imaging cameras, our thermal imaging specialists can come running to the rescue and easily scan and analyse all aspects of your property without you having to do anything more than simply picking up the phone to call us or filling in our contact form.

No, this could be a conflict with the insurance policy that you and your property have. This is a similar issue that we can encounter with our leak detection service as in order to rectify the sort of issues that may have occurred.

By attempting to fix the problems without the correct equipment, knowledge and insurance ourselves it can put us in a very compromising situation where we are legally liable if something were to then go wrong or if someone became injured as a result. However, we also have multiple companies that may have just the service you require! 

Yes we do! We don’t expect people to understand or be able to decipher what the thermal imaging images show and display. Due to this we also provide a detailed report that explains what it is that the image shows, anything highlighted by the service and that needs rectifying, as well as any recommendations that we have for the fixing of the issue.

If there is something hotter than the wall or the setting you are in on the other side of the wall then a thermal imaging camera will definitely register this. Similarly, the wall will show up on the thermal imaging camera’s screen as there will be an average temperature of that wall, especially if the room has been heated. Therefore, if there are certain parts of the wall that have deteriorated, these will be highways for heat to be able to escape the property and these will be displayed as clear as day.  


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