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Thermal Imaging Services

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Thermal Imaging Services

Here at Direct Thermography, we are all too aware of just how fantastic the infrared FLIR technology that a thermal imaging camera utilises to save time, money and effort for a wide range of services and thermal imaging uses, which is why we want to share it with you too.

A thermal imaging survey has the ability to highlight and diagnose many different issues that can be found in a domestic household and everyday life, as well as assessments on a more industrial scale for commercial purposes and across many industries.

A thermal imaging camera works by evaluating a given object by scanning it for infrared radiation. There will be typical levels of infrared (heat) radiation from certain objects such as the inner workings of structures, equipment or even in medical and veterinary scenarios as well. If, for any reason, there is an abnormal amount of heat being given off by whatever it is that is being assessed, or a lack of heat where there should normally, then this indicates an issue that has arisen and requires being rectified.
But that is not where a thermal imaging camera’s usefulness ends. They are so precise that the exact area or even component that is operating incorrectly will be displayed so that you can accurately tackle and rectify with the correct resolutions.

There are multiple things that make thermal imaging cameras and our thermography service so good and useful. One thing that makes them better than other conventional methods of assessment is that it is non-contact. This means that physical contact with whatever it is that is being surveyed is not required. It also means that if it is equipment that is being viewed, it can be assessed whilst it is in function. This makes being able to identify the location of the problem’s origin substantially easier and gives a more comprehensive view of the overall health throughout the function cycle.

Another thing that makes using a FLIR camera superior to other methods is its non-invasive aspect. Similarly to how it is a non-contact way of assessment, non-invasive means that nothing has to be removed or dismantled in order to be able to conduct our thermography service. This is a particular godsend for the medical and veterinary applications of thermal imaging technology as you can view a person or animal’s ailment or how well their recovery is going post-treatment by simply pointing the thermal imaging camera at the patient and then gathering the data.

As a thermal imaging camera is small and handheld it also means that if you require an assessment then you don’t have to account for excess accommodations. As long as there is enough space for our highly-trained technicians to stand and operate the small portable camera then we can provide you with the answers you seek and the results you desire too.

When thermal imaging has uses for services that include leak detection, heat loss survey, underfloor heating survey, solar panel inspection and thermography inspections of both commercial and domestic properties it is easy to see why so many people want to make use of this brilliant technology.
The applications of thermal imaging are extensive too and can be found to be used in industries including aerospace, automotive, buildings, chemical, electrical, environmental, mechanical, medical, pest control and veterinary, so the sky is the limit for ways in which a thermal imaging service can help you.


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