Solar Panel Services

Solar Panel Services: Pinpointing the Problems

The solar panel services industry in the UK is huge and continues to grow daily with over six hundred and fifty thousand panels fitted last year alone. Nonetheless, as with all major industry and particularly with one of such size, faults and failures are common. While they may not paralyse your solar panels, they could cause serious health and safety issues, not to mention a severe drop in yields.

Why should you have your solar panel farms checked?

With 12 567 active acres of solar panel farms and a potential of 19 953 more acres to be used, solar panel farms are growing in capacity but also in existence. As most people are aware, if you have a couple of cells which do not work on a panel, then the amount of electricity that can be made off those panels immediately drops. If you have hundreds of panels then your yield may drop dramatically, even if it’s only a handful of panels which are compromised. With our thermal imaging cameras, we can pick up the heat signals (the infrared radiation which is emitted) which work as sign posts to the broken or damaged cell.

The other problem which is faced when transporting a large amount of electricity from one place to another is the energy lost through the conversion of electrical energy to heat energy. At loose connections or within failing wires this loss is exponentially faster. By looking at the connection boards and the electric boards we can determine if you have any loose connections or faulty wires. It is very important that you know whether or not you have any of the above because the increased heat can produce fires if left unresolved, which could, of course, have major implications for you solar farm.

As standard, any work we do will be followed up by a comprehensive and detailed report of our technician’s findings. If you would like a quote for your solar farm, drop us an email or ring us at a time that suits you.

Are the panels on your house getting old?

On domestic houses it can sometimes be difficult to find someone who will service your panels and also be able to tell you if they are still as safe as when they were first installed. With our thermography cameras we can check the connections on the solar panels and the reciprocal connections within your home. This will help to assure you that there are no dangerously high temperatures in the electrical work of your panels. Moreover, if you believe your panels to be broken, we can survey them and write a report for you on our findings. This will then stand as evidence if you can claim against your warranty, and, as a third party, you can be sure that we have no bias on the outcome, making our findings that much more reliable.

Pigeon problems driving you coo coo?

Here at Direct Thermography we work closely with Direct Solar Care, the leading body in solar panel pest protection in the UK and so our technicians have picked up on what a problem pigeons really are. As pigeons have two nesting seasons there is no real time in a year where they won’t be causing damage to domestic solar panels. When they nest under solar panels they tend to peck at the underneath of the solar panels, causing irreversible damage in some cases, and of course, where you get pigeons, you get pigeon poop, meaning you’ll have to get your panels cleaned more often. All in all, pigeon cause more problems than you might imagine! If you would like a technician to come round and see if you have pigeons then give us a call or an email. If we do find any pigeons we are happy to arrange with you the details of getting your panels protected, or, if you prefer, you can go directly to Direct Solar Care website.