Pest Control Services

Finding those pesky critters

Pest control services was a natural progression for Direct Thermography as our sister company is Direct Pest. As such, all our technicians have been qualified to a RSPH level 2. Due to this fact, we know that we will be able to work around any issues you have come across in a professional and friendly manner. We know that they are a pain to have (that’s why we call them pests) so our team will always schedule you in as soon as possible!

Rodents making you rant with rage?

Rodents in shops are a huge cause for concern and can lead to your shop being closed for health and safety reasons. By using thermal imaging cameras we can cut the time it takes to assess the damage and, by proxy, cut the time needed to solve the issue. Believe it or not, there will definitely be mice living and nesting on your shelves, even if your outbreak does not seem too bad. We have unfortunately learnt this from experience! These are the mice that traditional pest controllers leave undiscovered which causes huge problems as the mice that are left will reproduce and spread back through the entirety of the shop. With our cameras we can spot these nests and clear them out without any escapees! Furthermore, if you have mice or rats using your walls as escape routes or even for nesting, we can see this too and can use our special mesh to prevent any further activity. By being able to act on this quickly, you are much more likely to see the end of your rodent problem in a time period of two days as opposed to the traditional time period (for most pest control services) of a minimum of two weeks. This cuts the number of hours needed for a pest controller to be there, cuts the amount of product used to stop the rodents, cuts the amount of overtime you need to pay your staff and additionally cuts the likelihood of being shut down by health inspectors! I’m sure you’ll agree that it is a win-win all round (except for the rodents that is)!

Help! They’re in my house!

Having rodents in your house is enough to make even the butchest men squeal! These disease-carrying pests are the last thing you want and so we will always schedule you in s soon as we can! From experience we know the faster they are spotted, the faster they can be dealt with and we hope to keep up this trend with our thermal imaging cameras. Our cameras can spot rodents living in walls or sitting on the floor of your loft. Even if you have only seen one, we know of a few cases where we have stuck our heads into a loft and come face to face with not one, not a couple but (and we say this literally) thousands of rats. Thermography saves this scary shock for us and the after effect disturbing their nest has of causing the rats to jump past us into the main area of your home. It also allows us to gauge the extent of the problem and deal with it quickly and effectively.

Are there squirrels in your loft?

Often mistaken for the sound of rodents, squirrels will nest in families of up to six in lofts across the country. While six squirrels sounds better than thousands of rats, squirrels will actually do much more damage as they will chew through anything and everything to make a perfect nest. This can include wires, stored belongings, insulation, wooden beams and just about anything else you may have in your loft. We can tell if it is a squirrel or a rodent by our knowledge of pest control services and their unique heat signature. Once we know that information we can treat the problem accordingly.

Had problems finding a wasp or ant nest?

When using traditional techniques it can be hard to find the exact location of the openings of wasp and ant nests. This is no longer a problem for us as with our heat-seeking cameras we can see the heat radiating from the nest in minutes. This ensures any nest you have will be treated at the source, making it much more likely to be cleared in one treatment.