Building Services by Direct Thermography

Building Services: Pinpointing Problems

In building services, whether they are domestic or commercial, there are a myriad of different issues and potential problems that we can not only discover, but pinpoint to exact locations with our high calibre Flir cameras.

Is my commercial building safe?

In a commercial setting, the safety of all the people within your building are of the utmost importance, therefore, the knowledge that there are no electrical faults which could cause a personal injury or even a fire would surely put your mind to rest. By checking each electrical board we can quickly find any and all faults. Additionally, in industry, there can be a lot of equipment which needs to be checked every 6 months to a year, depending on the items. Instead of using the slow process of individually checking each and every item by hand, why not let us use our thermography cameras to thoroughly but efficiently pass off each piece in no time at all! And to make it that much more orderly to manage, we will include into our costs a fully comprehensive report of all our findings.

Is my underfloor heating leaking?

Commercial or domestic alike, under floor heating can prove to be a nightmare at times, whether you are in a school gymnasium and trying to fit a climbing frame into the newly finished floor or at home where your lovely laminate floor is rippling from the effect of a leak. With the former example we can make your life much easier as we can show you exactly where the under floor pipes run so that you will not drill holes right into them, saving you the tremendously unpleasant hassle of a leak, not to mention the potential costs! When it comes to your home, we can again lower your bills by finding where your leak is so that when you have it fixed and replaced, you only need to disrupt a very small square of your floor. In the past these squares have been as small as 15 by 15 centimetres (circa 6 by 6 inches) so you can see what a difference thermal imaging can make!

Had a go at DIY recently?

With 53% of people doing their own repair jobs in their houses in Britain and the vast, vast majority of people believing that they can put up any picture or lay any flooring with their sheer will-power and skill… it is hardly surprising that over 31% of people in the UK have had DIY mishaps and of these people, 11% have had to claim insurance of between £1000 and £2500 to fix their mistakes. We reckon that we, at Direct Thermography, could help cut these costs as instead of feeling for a leak or looking for the mere possibility of one, we can simply look for the temperature differences which will point out all the problems you may or may not have created for yourself. In this way we will save you and your professional DIY fixers some time and as the saying goes, time equals money.

Run out of jumpers to put on?

In the current economic climate, it is understandable that it is preferential to put on a jumper than turn the heating up a few degrees. However, what if we could help you so that you neither had to put on an extra jumper to keep warm nor turn up the thermostat? By surveying your house at night, it is clear to see whether your insulation, be it in your roof or your windows, is effective or not and if it isn’t, then you’ll know the cause of all your shivering! With winter coming up, and Christmas just around the corner, now is the perfect time to control your house’s temperature before it gets too cold and before all the old relatives turn up!

Does your business have air curtains?

Air curtains are very expensive to run if they are not fitted correctly or if they are not working to their specification. It can be difficult to tell whether your air curtain is working harder than it should normally be by eye, or even by touch as it could be overcompensating for its technical failure. A call out by one of our technicians will quickly help you understand what the problem is with your air curtain and all our technicians are qualified to be able to tell you the best or cheapest solution for your individual situation.