About - How Thermal Imaging Helps You

Here at Direct Thermography, we use science to make people’s lives better.

Direct Thermography is a small but dynamic business which has arisen from a demand within its sister companies, Direct Pest and Direct Air Conditioning. As we have had a high involvement in a mechanical industry setting, we had grown to find that it can be difficult to find loose connections and hazardous joints by eye and so we looked into thermography. After taking several qualifications we saw the true potential in thermal imaging and we have since become qualified and practiced in a large number of disciplines. These range from: building services, including board inspections, equipment checks, heat loss, water leaks and under floor heating; solar panel checks, finding the exact cell within a solar panel that is failing; veterinary diagnostics, in particular with large equine animals; and pest control, finding mice and rats in the walls and on the shelves of shops.

While we only include the above disciplines, the power of thermography is unlimited in its potential and we hope to expand our services soon.