Things aren't always as they seem...

Whether you have a commercial or domestic building, I’m sure you’re aware that things happen in your property without you knowing about it! Regardless of the kids having a sneaky snack or an employee taking extra time for lunch there could be more sinister things at play, like your electrics!

Electricians are trained for three years before they are allowed out onto public jobs but even the best can miss things that are blindingly obvious to a thermographer, especially things like faulty wires or loose connections. The images below can show you that!

But what actually happens within the wires that make them unsafe? Well the answer lies in the movements of electrons as the diagram below shows. All wires do this, even if they work perfectly, it’s only when you get excess agitation (like with a faulty wire or with loose connection) that the increased heat can become problematic.

Imagine if there were 50 people in a car park. If they could all walk along the road and there was no traffic outside, there would be a very small queue, this is situation A. Situation B is where the only way out is a narrow squeeze between two concrete pillars. This would cause a long queue backing into the car park. Situation C is where there is a lot of traffic outside of the car park. This would also cause a long queue backing into the car park. Situation A is a normal functioning wire with a proper connection. Situation B is a faulty connection and situation C is when a component fails on the other side of a good connection. You can imagine how bad it could be if you had a faulty connection and a faulty component!

why wires get hot

This image shows why it is that wires get hot. When the electrons are constantly changing direction and bumping into other atoms and electrons, they get hot.


IR wires with one faulty

Spot the faulty connection!

IR wires, with one faulty

With this infrared view of the wires and connections you can see that what meets the eye is not necessarily the whole story. By having an infrared survey you can find out what is really happening in your building.