Electrical fires are no fun at all. How do you know that your electrics are safe?

In commercial and domestic properties alike, faulty electrics are potentially devastating! They are the leading cause of fires in commercial buildings and the second most common cause of fires in domestic buildings. The fires they cause have the inherent ability to ruin any building, any personal possessions and any important documents. No one wants that!

This is where thermal imaging can step in, by looking at the heat being radiated by a particular circuit board, piece of equipment or electrical connection, we can spot any worrying signs before they manifest themselves into full-blown problems.

As you can see from the picture below, it is super easy to spot when things are going wrong with your electrics with our thermal imaging cameras! What you are looking at in this case is a loose connection from the (bright yellow) wire into the circuit board. The reason that this wire has got so hot is that the electrons within the wire are moving about more than they normally would  as they cannot flow smoothly. This additional motion causes the particles the heat up exponentially which in turn could cause a fire.

In short, don’t let your electrics go unchecked! How do you know that your electrics are safe? You call us in!

pipes infrared 3

This image shows a loose connection and just how problematic they can be. By causing the wire to heat to that temperature there is a severe risk of fires.