A new view of the human body...

As shown below, there are medical uses of thermography too. Unlike MRI scans or X-rays, infrared shows us the “heat” (which is really infrared radiation) emitted by certain parts of the body. It has been proven that if any part of the human body is a lot hotter than it is meant to be then there is definately ┬áproblem in that area. The below show inflammation over the right kidney and this is easy for everyone to see. However you do need to be careful with how you diagnose as if you look a little higher there are two more “hot spots”. These however, are caused by excess fat causing the skin to roll over onto itself. This keeps those parts particularly warm and so they are outliers in this examination.

Unfortunately we do not offer these kind of services at Direct Thermography but we do think that it is a very interesting application for thermal imaging cameras!

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