If only they could talk!

Horses are beautiful animals but they can certainly be expensive! Vet bills alone can be pretty scary, so here at Direct Thermography we certainly try to help all our hoofed friends.

As we’re sure you’re aware, horses can’t actually speak to us, yet, so we must find other ways to find out where it hurts and what is wrong with them. Whereas vets find the problem via observations and palpitation, thermal imaging cameras can show us the inner workings of a horse in seconds, and when we find something, it’s rarely difficult to miss.

Take the two hooves in the below picture as an example, it doesn’t take a genius to tell that there is something wrong with the right hand hoof. The skill comes in telling what that excess heat really means. When the image was taken, our consultant vet told us that in this case, the problem was an abscess under the frog which we would suggest draining and antibiotics as the treatment.

Moreover, with thermography it is possible to see abnormalities present stressed tissue before there is damage visible which can completely lower the amount of pain or discomfort your horse has to go through. Additionally, as thermography is completely non-invasive and non-contact, we will never place your horse under stress. In fact, our team of technicians has quite a soft spot when it comes to horses!

Thermography has shown that it works particularly well when it comes to dealing with: pre-purchase check overs, hoof balancing, saddle fit, joint inflammation and general diagnostics.