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We are Direct Thermography, a leading thermal imaging company. We can apply thermography in near limitless ways. Our popular thermal imaging services include thermal imaging animals, buildings and machines to find issues.

Top Uses Of Thermography

Building Thermal Imaging

Do all your electrics work safely in your building? Do you have the right insulation? Is your under floor heating working? Do you have a leak? Why not put your mind at rest and get us in to inspect and pass off all the inner workings of your building. You can’t afford not to.

thermal imaging home inspection

Solar Panel Thermal Imaging

If you’ve noticed a recent drop in the yield from your solar panels you may want to call us out. Our friendly technicians will find the exact cells that are broken or the loose connections affecting your yield and write a comprehensive report for you with all the details.

Pest Control Thermal Imaging

Finding rodents and pests living or nesting inside of walls without having to use destructive methods. We can see some pests through walls, others we can see their long-gone footprints, often we can detect strong heat signatures coming from hidden nests.

Veterinary Thermal Imaging

If only they could talk! Luckily for you, thermal imaging can show you the injured or affected areas in seconds and with our team of consultant vets you’ll get a correct diagnosis every time. Trust us, it’s faster than teaching them to talk.

veterinary thermography

"I was amazed by the quality of their service and sophisticated technology. We are beyond satisfied with the results. Our solar panels were proven to be broken and have now been fixed by another Direct company, Direct Solar Care."

Mr Norton - Solar Farm Owner

The highest quality thermal imaging services. Contact our friendly experts for your unique service.

FLIR Technology

We use the latest, top of the range FLIR thermal imaging tech

Part Of FM Solutions

One of the UK's most trusted facilities management groups

17+ Years Experience

Over the years we have done all kinds of thermal imaging services

Local To You

We are based in the Midlands and have regional offices across the UK


Here at Direct Thermography, it is our sole drive and passion for thermal imaging services that makes us a shining beacon of a thermal imaging company in the UK. Our wish to be able to bring the rapid and impressive results of thermography to everyone is what makes us stand out as being one of the best thermal imaging companies offering infrared inspection services.

A thermal imaging survey has the ability to highlight and identify a range of different anomalies and possible issues that can arise, that you would never know about without a thermographic survey, possibly until it is too late! A great example of this is heat loss which is something that you may never see without a heat loss survey. As thermography becomes more well-known and recognised, more people have seen the benefits that thermal imaging can provide.

The sheer scale of thermal imaging uses truly is staggering and it can be applied to many different aspects of home life as well as a variety of different industries for many commercial purposes. By viewing a setting as a heat-driven landscape, achieved by analysing images captured by the lens to ascertain the differing levels of infrared radiation being generated and emitted. This is how a thermography inspection is able to magically show you the things that the naked eye would never see otherwise. Don’t only take our word for it, browse our lists of settings, as well as our range of different services and thermal imaging applications and enquire today to see for yourself just how insightful and both time and money-saving our infrared scanning services are.

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